Word Shoot

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Word Shoot

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Blast through the sea of soaring letters in this space based action packed word game.

Fire: left_mouse
Movement: mouse

Click the letters flying through space, to make words. The longer and more difficult the word, the more points you'll pick up. Its not easy though. The letters swim and spin in the direction in which you move your mouse. So move toward a letter and it will dash away. Its all about carefully moving in the opposite direction, and then pouncing at the right moment.

Once you've wrangled your word, hit space to explode the letters, clearing your way through space. You'll have to be quick though, keep the amount of letters under 150 otherwise it's goodbye galaxy.

You'll need magnificent mouse control, a marvelous memory and a mind for anagrams to battle through this lexicon lark.

Right click for sound and quality settings.

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